How to paint cabinets the right way

now that you read my cautionary tale HERE lets talk about how to paint your kitchen cabinets the right way. So that they are easy to wipe clean and will last a long time!

after one year my cabinets still look incredible!

Before I could paint my cabinets again I had to strip all the face frames, drawer fronts and doors. That is one project I hope to never do again! I hated it so much I dont even want to talk about it. haha! so lets just move right to the correct way to prep and paint your kitchen cabinets. the first step is to gather the products you will need.

since making that ginormous mistake I decided to test all the different processes on some closet doors that were the same color as my cabinets. I tried different combinations of deglosser and primer and came up with this:

after painting and pouring concrete countertops!
  1. clean surface with Krud Kutter and wipe clean
  2. use liquid TSP and follow instructions on the label
  3. 2 light coats of Zinsser BIN primer and sand lightly in between coats
  4. high quality paint brushes and rollers are key to getting a smooth glass like finish. here is a list of my favorite cabinet painting supplies:

roller frame HERE

roller covers HERE

paint brushes HERE

paint tray and liners HERE

5. allow to dry completely and then apply your paint. My favorite cabinet paint is Sherwin Williams Emerald Enamel in Pure White with Satin finish. 2-3 light coats of this or more depending on your preference.

after you reattach your doors stand back and look at your hard work!

here is the kitchen BEFORE

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